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Extending the day for Social distancing until the end of Apr 22nd, 2020

Based on the complicated movements of the COVID-19 epidemic recently in Vietnam and other countries in the world; implementing the Announcement issued by the President of Ton Duc Thang University on extending the day for Social distancing due to the COVID-19 epidemic; in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, ensure the health and safety for the community, SGS now notifies as followings:

  1. The school continues to extend the day of Social distancing from Apr 16 to Apr 22. 
  2. The SGS keeps continuing to support international students from home from Apr 16 to May 3rd. However, we will also be available to assist you in case of applying for a visa extension or when you are in urgent need our assistance. Please note that this must be an urgent case.

Therefore, after the discussion with The Dormitory management, we will give you time for shopping from 2-5 pm tomorrow (Apr 16). You will have time to buy your necessary stuff for the next 7 days. We recommend you should buy all the stuff which is necessary because, after this time, the dormitory will not deal with any cases of going out except for emergencies.

All students actively follow the Recommendations of the Ministry of Health for the prevention of the COVID-19 epidemic and regularly update new notices from SGS.