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Fall semester admission 2023 (Coming soon)

Admission to 02 PhD's programs:



Major's number Medium of instruction
1.  Computational Science 9460107 English
2.  Civil Engineering 9580201 English

Admission to 04 Master's programs:



Major's number Medium of instruction
1. Business Administration 8340101 Vietnamese
2. Applied Mathematics 8460112 Vietnamese
3. Civil Engineering 8580201 Vietnamese
4. Computer Science 8480101 Vietnamese

Admission Calendar:

  • June 2023Application Open (Online submission)
  • September 2023: Application Submission Deadline 
  • October 2023: All applicants are notified of the status of their application in the online registration system
  • November 2023: Enrolment and courses register for the first semester
  • December 2023: Entrance day for the first semester

* Admission requirements for International Student Application for Master and PhD programs here.

(Applicant must carefully prepare all required documents before filling the online registration application form)

* Information related to Master's programs is detailed here.

* Information related to Ph.D. programs is detailed here.

* The expiration date of the Passport must be longer than 1 year.

* Online Registration Application Form.