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A. New visa

School of Graduate Studies (SGS) will do the new visa application for international students. Depending on the nationality of the student, the visa duration can be from 03 months to 01 year.


  • Students are not in the territory of Vietnam.
  • The Immigration Department will consider issuing a visa.

Required documents (sending via email):

  • Scanned passport (full name, passport number)
  • Admission Letter
  • Location to get the visa (Vietnam Embassy in neighboring countries or at the Airport).

Time and method of receiving results:

Visa will be available after 7-10 business days. SGS will send the letters and students come to the place where provided to get the visa.

* Please note that depending on the country, the expired date on the visa will show differently.

Students need to check the information on the map to transfer by yourselves

B. Renew visa

You should pay attention to visa validity, it is very important for your access to Vietnam. Please inform the SGS 20 days before the visa expires. We will guide you in extending your visa.

** Please note that the visa extension fee is $145 ~ 3.500.000 VNĐ

1. The procedure

Step 1: Students go to the Student Affairs Department (Room A0003) to register Student Certificate (It takes 2 business days after register), students come back to the Student Affairs Department to take the certificate. If you are unsure whether to apply for a Student Certificate, you should contact the Student Affairs Department A0003 for information.

Step 2: To submit a visa application, you must provide the following documents:

  • Student Certificate or Confirmation Letter for overdue studies at TDTU (if students are overdue for studying, SGS will help to make the Confirmation letter)
  • Original passport (if changed for a new passport, both new and old passports must be submitted)
  • 3x4 photo (White background).
  • NA5 form: Download and fill out the form, print it out and send to SGS to sign it (Example for filling NA5 form). Recommendation: sending to SGS to check before printing and signing.
  • Certificate of temporary residence:

            + Dormitory: provided by The Dormitory Management

            + Outside: provided by the house owner (Example)

Fees for Visa:

  • For Laos students: free of charge.
  • For other countries: depending on the duration (there will be different fees, usually about 145 USD/ 1 year (~ 3.500.000 VNĐ/ year))
  • Official entry letter to Vietnam for the first time (if the student is extended for the first time)

Step 3 For extending Visa, students go to the Immigration Office at 196 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City. For applying new Visa or extending Visa, students go to the Immigration Department at 333-337 Nguyen Cu Trinh, District 1 to submit the Visa approval application.

Please check the file below to get a guidance

1. From TDTU to Immigration Office: (Direction map)

2. From Immigration Office to TDTU: (Direction map)

3. From TDTU to Immigration Department: (Direction map)

4. From Immigration Department to TDTU: (Direction map)

  • Results will be available after 7 business days.

2. Deadline for submission of visa extension application

  • Submit the visa renewal application to the SGS 20 days before the expiry of the visa expires.
  • Submit the visa renewal application to the Vietnam Immigration Department 15 days before the visa expires.

3. Important notes about student visa extension need to know

Inform about an updated passport number to:

  • The School of Graduate Studies - B002.
  • Department of Student Affairs - A0003.
  • The Dormitory management - I0005.

The duration of renewal visa maximum up to the end of course.

Passport must be valid until the renewal day.

Passport must have blank page for the renew visa.