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Graduate studies and scientific research were accomplished by an Electrical Engineering alumnus

I'm Tran Anh Tuan, and from 2014 to 2019, I studied Electrical - Electronics Engineering at TDTU for more than four years. Throughout my studies, I received a well-organized program, as well as specific extracurricular activities that might assist students learn more about jobs linked to their major. In addition, training programs are updated and developed to match the needs of domestic and foreign employers, ensuring that graduates have a strong opportunity of finding decent jobs.

Each individual stated that having a long-term employment can provide a learning experience in the early stages of a career. I have worked as an electrical engineer in Ho Chi Minh City after graduating from TDTU. I rapidly completed the required tasks after applying my Autocad knowledge, communication skills, teamwork, and time management. Furthermore, I was interested in learning about scientific research linked to the topic of my university graduate project.

After some time working, I recognized that I was better suited to research, therefore I opted to pursue a career in academia. I opted to continue my studies at TDTU and begin classes in June 2019 in Electrical Engineering at the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

I received great scores in all of my classes because of my perseverance, and I produced two additional scientific research papers on the ISI list thanks to Dr. Huynh Van Van's assistance.

I published the first article (ISI Q1) in journal of Complexity, “Adaptive Integral Second-Order Sliding Mode Control Design for Load Frequency Control of Large-Scale Power System with Communication Delays.”

The second article (ISI Q3) appeared in journal of Energies and was titled "Load Frequency Regulator in Interconnected Power Systems Using Second-Order Sliding Mode Control Combined with State Estimator."

Figure 1, 2: Tran Tuan Anh is main author of scientific research papers in ISI index.

I've made several accomplishments while studying at TDTU with my supporting professors and friends, and I'm considering pursuing the Ph.D. program. “The only thing that distracts you from your dreams is the notion that they are possible” I believed.

After 18 months of research, I successfully defended my thesis “Load frequency control of complex power systems using generalized extended state observer” on February 27, 2021 at a score of 10/10.

Some pictures at the master thesis defense session:

Figure 3, 4: Tran Anh Tuan defended his dissertation in front of the committee.

Master student: Tran Anh Tuan,

Major of Electrical Engineering

Ton Duc Thang University