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Naddanai Pope Leampuk and his Master Thesis of Bussiness Administration in the disavantages of pandemic

The Thai student, Naddanai Pope Leampuk (Pope) successfully defended online his Master Thesis of Business Administration at Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU). “Happiness” and “delightfulness” are two words that described his emotions when he has received the Master's Degree. He emotionally said: “It is not easy for me to quit my job and start learning something new. There are a lot of different cultural experiences in Vietnam, but thanks to the supports from the lecturers, professors, the faculty, and the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) at TDTU. It is my honor to study and work with them in Vietnam. I appreciate their supports."

About his thesis topic, he thinks it would be a new concept that can be a meaningful replacement for Thai cinemas. His research is believed to help entrepreneurs understand the behaviors and preferences of customers and effectively respond to customers’ needs to satisfy them in the future.

Due to the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, he said "It is extremely difficult for me to research during the widening of COVID-19 period, however, I have taken the advantages of technology in interviewing and collecting information. Moreover, I mainly used two kinds of implements such as mobile phones and Google meetings for this research.” said Naddanai.

After studying and defending successfully the Master's Degree, this journey makes him change his point of view not only about his career but also his life in a positive way. He has got many benefits from studying Master's Degree. Firstly, it provides him an opportunity to experience a new culture and learn Vietnamese. Furthermore, It also helps him to work more effectively and systematically. He can apply the knowledge that he has learned into reality without unpredictable mistakes.

Pope and his motto in life.


 Pope (second on the left-hand side) and his classmates in Preparatory Vietnamese class at TDTU, 2017.