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A. The tuition fee for Master program:

- Tuition fee for the master courses:

  • $2000/2-years program in Business and Social majors
  • $2200/2-years program in Science and Technology majors

- Tuition fee for the Vietnamese language course:

  • Vietnamese language tuition fee (in 4 months) to get A2 level for Master majors taught in English: $800
  • Vietnamese language tuition fee (in 10 months) to get B2 level for Master majors taught in Vietnamese: $1500

B. The tuition fee for PhD program:

- $7000/4-years program

- Vietnamese language tuition fee (in 8 months) to get B1 level: $1200

C. Accommodation fee:

  • Dormitory


Long term

Short term

6 beds/ room

600.000 vnđ/pax/month

80.000 vnđ/pax/day

4 beds/ room

2.800.000 vnđ/pax/month

600.000 vnđ/room/day

2 beds/ room

5.000.000 vnđ/pax/month

500.000 vnđ/room/day

  • Outside campus: Please contact us for more information.