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Opening Ceremony of the new academic year for graduate students and foreign doctoral candidates

On September 13th, 2019, Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) held the Opening Ceremony for the 2019-2020 Academic Year as well as hosted academic activities for 20 graduate students from Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Laos, Nigeria, India, and Ghana who have successfully enrolled in full-time Master's and Doctoral programs at the university. The Deans of faculties attended the event including Business Administration, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Sports Science, Foreign Languages, and Social Sciences & Humanities. A number of previous graduate students and doctoral candidates also attended to share experiences and encourage the new students and researchers.

Dr. Thi Ngoc Bao Dung, Head’s Assistant of Postgraduate Department, congratulated the new students and researchers and introduced outstanding achievements of TDTU in the last academic year and disseminated the academic regulations.

Prof. Preecha Yupapin, Head of the Computational Optical Research Group, at the Advanced Institute of Materials Science (AIMaS) gave an inspirational speech and inspired a passion for scientific research to all domestic and international students; he expects that there will be many contributions from foreign students and graduate students for TDTU's science and technology activities in the new academic year. 

Developing the scale of higher education and expanding international enrollment is a special objective that TDTU considers to be of great importance in our path to be an elite research university in the world today.

Some photos of the Ceremony:


Graduate students and foreign doctoral candidates introducing themselves 


Dr. Thi Ngoc Bao Dung disseminating the academic regulations


Prof. Preecha Yupapin inspiring passion for scientific research for post-graduate students 


Taking memorable photos