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TDTU postdoc fellowships





1. Purpose

  • Ton Duc Thang University Postdoc Scholarship (TDTU-PdS) is a scholarship funded by Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) for researchers with doctoral degrees (postdoctoral degrees);
  • TDTU-PdS aims to support and promote scientific research activities by providing finance for postdoctoral researchers to conduct research and publish scientific articles in ISI/Scopus journals.

2. Participants and criteria

Applicants for Postdoc Scholarship must meet the following conditions:

  • Having achieved a doctorate degree with a training discipline/major suitable to the university’s field of training and research;
  • Is not over the age of 45;
  • Being the main author of at least 02 ISI papers for the field of natural science major and technology science major, 01  ISI paper or 02 Scopus papers for the group of socioeconomic according to TDTU’s regulations on scientific publication;
  • English proficiency;
  • Approved by TDTU’s instructor;
  • Submitted all documents listed in Term 6 as follows. 

3. Postdoctoral scholarship

  • Postdoctoral scholarship (quarterly expenditures) shall be calculated based on the total funding for scientific products registered as part-time researchers according to current regulations;
  • During the working period as a postdoctoral researcher, applicants are considered for accommodation support according to TDTU’s regulations (for postdoctoral researchers who are foreigners; or Vietnamese having the demand to live within the campus under the management of TDTU);
  • Living expenses support as prescribed at VND 6,000,000/month (during the time of performing postdoctoral researchers’ duty as prescribed)
  • During the time being a researcher, postdoctoral researchers shall be provided workspace, and utilize the university’s equipment for research activities.

4. Duties of postdoctoral researchers to be granted scholarship

Postdoctoral researchers awarded scholarships must ensure the performance of the following tasks:

    • Register the main obligations by registering specific scientific products and having detailed plans for the implementation of scientific research indicators;
    • Scientific products valid on ISI/Scopus articles due to TDTU’s regulations. Postdoctoral researchers in the group of natural science and technology science must register at least 01 ISI article with 08 main authors; researchers in the group of socioeconomics must register at least 01 ISI article with 10 main authors. Postdoctoral researchers are allowed to register maximum 02 ISI/Scopus main author;
    • Registration of secondary obligations by performing one of the following duties. (Stated clearly in the research program with evidence);
    • Teaching (theory + practice): teaching at least 03 credits/year for undergraduate level or at least 02 credits/year for postgraduate level;
    • Teaching obligations are prioritized d if the Faculty/Institute can not arrange teaching classes, choose 1 of the following 2 obligations:

            -Thematic report on scientific research at the management unit: at least  04 topics/year;

            - Reports at international seminars and conferences: at least 02 articles/year (postdoctoral researcher has a report as the main author, in the right major at international seminars and conferences).

    5. Instructor Standards

    Instructors must meet the following standards:

    • A primary lecturer or primary researcher of TDTU
    • The main author of at least:

           - Natural science and technology science group: 04 ISI publications according to TDTU’s regulations;

           - Socioeconomics group: 02 ISI publications or 04 Scopus publications according to TDTU’s regulations

           - Take responsibility and ensure the output of postdoctoral researcher you guide.

    6. Dossier of application for postdoctoral scholarship

    • TDTU’s Application form for postdoctoral scholarship (Use TDTU's template)
    • Scientific Background (full and clear list of scientific products) (Use TDTU CV's template);
    • Working plan agreed by the Postdoc's instructor (Use TDTU's template)
    • Research proposal (Use TDTU's template)
    • Doctoral degree (in case the doctoral degree is issued by a foreign training institution, it must be recognized by the Quality Management Department for Vietnamese and consular legalization for foreigners);
    • The research program followed by the sample of TDTU, which specifies the number and rank of scientific products and part-time tasks. The study plan must be validated by the instructor;
    • Letter of approval from the Postdoc's instructor with a guarantee of at least 30% of the candidate's registration quota (Use TDTU's  template);
    • Letters of recommendation from 2 experts; in which 01 expert is the doctoral thesis instructor;
    • Candidates are foreigners (documents to be provided include doctoral degrees, proof of working experience of 03 years or more, health certificates, criminal records, passports all consularly legalized, translated and notarized copies).

    * In case of applying for the 2nd postdoctoral scholarship onwards, the postdoctoral researchers must submit the documents in Clauses a, b, d, e of Section 6 and accompany the results of acceptance of the scholarship obligations of the most recent year approved by the Principal.

    * In case the postdoctoral researchers receives a scholarship fully funded by the instructor, the postdoctoral researchers must submit documents a, b, c and the Letter of Approval of the instructor.

    * In case foreign candidates are required to apply for the position of Assistant Organic Research Officer and carry out the same process as the recruitment process, they must meet all documents according to Decree 152/2020 / ND-CP stipulating foreign workers working in Vietnam (in Clause g) to meet the application for work permits and work visas at Vietnam. The school only pays scholarships to candidates after the candidate signs a labor contract with the University.

    7. Responsibility and Obligations of postdoctoral researcher

    Obligations of postdoctoral researcher

    • Comply with the regulations of the school and the TDTU-PdS scholarship agreement signed with the school;
    •  Scientific research products must comply with regulations. Articles must be accepted for publication or published by the journal and have not been used for any other acceptance purpose at TDTU; as well as having a deadline during the implementation of TDTU-PdS scholarship obligations. The extension of the product submission time (if any) is decided by the Principal;
    • Postdoctoral reseachers must comply with the address and email in the publications according to the following regulations: Institute…, Ton Duc Thang University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Email: ….


    • Faculty of….., Ton Duc Thang University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    • Email:….

    (Do not accept any addresses and emails of other domestic and foreign agencies).

    * In case the postdoctoral student receives a scholarship from the instructor, it is still necessary to ensure at least write TDTU's address and email information in the above publication.

    • d) Postdoctoral researchers must submit research progress reports every 03 months, reports must be presented according to TDTU's form, detailed and quantitative reports on research progress and results as registered in the research plan. The report must contain comments from the instructor and the unit receiving the postdoctoral researchers;
    • e) During the period of receiving TDTU-PdS under the Scholarship Agreement, the postdoctoral researchers works full-time (or part-time if approved by the Rector) under the management of the instructor, the Graduate Department and the receiving unit of the postdoctoral researchers.

    Responsibilities of postdoctoral researchers when not fulfilling research targets

    • In case the postdoctoral researchers do not fulfill the registered research criteria (attached or specified in the scholarship agreement), the postdoctoral researchers will be responsible for reimbursement to the University 50% of the value of the unfinished research quota. In case the postdoctoral researchers complete the research quota in accordance with the registered scientific product but have not fulfilled the secondary obligation, the postdoctoral researchers will be responsible for reimbursement to the University 20% of the value of the unfinished research target. In case the postdoctoral researchers exceed the research quota according to the registered scientific product (superior in ranking), it will be traced the corresponding difference in journal ranking according to the University's regulations;
    • Postdoctoral students who do not complete may apply for an extension no more than 2 times; each time for no more than 6 months; the management unit receives the renewal application of the postdoctoral researchers and conducts the procedure for applying for an extension for the postdoctoral researchers; the extension is decided by the Principal.

    8. Contact information and application

    • Address: Room B002, Ton Duc Thang University, No. 19 Nguyen Huu Tho, Tan Phong Ward, District 7, HCMC.
    • Phone: (028) 3775-5059
    • Website: Email: